The Walk: 5 Essential Practices of the Christian Life- A Review

Adam Hamilton is the Senior Pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS. He has written this book that shows the significance of the five actions that every Christian should be practicing. Worship, Study, Serve, Give, and Share.


Worship, the response of the the creature to the creator

Study, acquiring knowledge on a subject

Serve, perform duties or services for another

Give, causing something or someone to receive something

Share, have a portion of something with someone.


Each of these is part of the Christian experience. Every Christian should read this book to see what we need to be doing, or to learn what we should be changing.

Words of The Author

“I wrote The Walk to be a simple guide for the Christian life written for ordinary people whose faith is sometimes messy. In it we’ll consider five simple practices that Jesus’ followers have always pursued as they sought to walk with him. Jesus himself modeled these practices for us.”

He has taken stories from the Bible and he has added his own spin to them. Specifically, stories about Jesus. These are practices that Jesus performed to bring people closer to him. Worship, Study, Serve, Give, and Share. What a way to live. If we could all live by these 5 principles, the world would be a much better place.

God Is In Everything

Speaking of the world, Hamilton touches on something that I had forgotten. He quotes Evelyn Underhill from the book, Worship, in 1936:

“…we may think of the whole of the Universe, seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, as an act of worship.”

Everything that is created is a reflection of God’s glory, because God created all of it. The rocks in the field, the grass, the birds singing. Even the internet that you are reading this from is a creation of God’s. Even the internet? You must understand that God is creating through us all the time…

We should give our thoughts, feelings, reflections, and recommendations a chance to be heard, but not at the expense of others. Take some time to read through Adam Hamilton’s book. You will be glad You did.

My Ranking

Overall, I give this study an eight out of ten, simply because I think 5 is perfection and we never achieve perfection in this world. Otherwise I would give it a ten.

I encourage each person to get this book. It is available through Amazon, a hardback copy for $14.19 for a hardcover book, $9.59 for a youth study (paperback) book, and $11.34 for the leaders guide.

The Walk: 5 Essential Practices of the Christian Life













  • Walk with Christ
  • Learn about Self
  • Learn about Christianity


  • Walking is hard enough
  • Myself is a vast subject
  • Christianity is a hard life

2 thoughts on “The Walk: 5 Essential Practices of the Christian Life- A Review”

  1. Yeah, I can’t possibly disagree. I too feel that the world would be a much better place if these were the core 5 principles people lived by. But that truly isn’t easy as you noted at the end there when listing the cons. It takes a lot of devotion and strength. 

    I think some of the most underappreciated aspects in modern times are those regarding serving and giving. I feel too many people are too intensely focused on their own gain. Which I think is quite short-sighted as for most of the people who’ve had the true success it was about letting go of the monetary and embracing the giving. Also, I believe studying is often underrated as generally, people think they can just get better by going to work or doing the work (be it spiritually or otherwise). But nothing could be further from the truth. Whereas the worship part seems to have completely exited on the vocabulary of so many people.

    I appreciate the article. Made me think. 🙂

    • I appreciate your honesty. I, too, think the serving and giving thing is “underappreciated.” I think that people give too easily to television evangelists before knowing what they stand for.


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